28 November, 2022

What Services Should A Modern Weight Loss Clinic In Miami Provide?

Today there is an assortment of storefronts that claim to be weight loss clinics or promise “quick and easy weight loss”. There are even online services that prescribe medications (without doctor supervision) to overweight individuals claiming they can lose weight fast with little to no effort put forth by them. Yikes!

There is no quick weight loss strategy that is safe and will work long-term unless the patient is committed to the cause. At Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions we understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for weight loss. We work with our patients individually tailoring a comprehensive weight loss program that will be safe and effective for them.

What To Look For In A Metabolic Weight Loss Clinic In Miami

A successful metabolic weight loss program will not only examine the calories the patient is consuming but will also investigate how those calories are being burned.

Individuals gain weight for many reasons and most have years of unhealthy eating habits to overcome. Leaving these individuals on their own to navigate their way through losing a substantial amount of weight sets them up for failure.

An effective metabolic weight loss program will consider each patient and their circumstances using a 360-degree approach. Not only is looking at a patient’s diet and meal portions critical to their success, but also identifying any factors that have and continue to contribute to their unhealthy weight. Some of these factors may include:

  • Their lifestyle choices;
  • Medical history;
  • Family history & genetics;
  • Unhealthy behaviors or habits;
  • Poor diet;
  • Necessary medications;
  • Lacks knowledge of proper nutrition;
  • Lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle;
  • Unmanaged Stress;
  • Psychological Issues/Emotional well-being.

To achieve long-term success, it is important to consider these factors when creating a patient-tailored weight loss program. At Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions In Miami, we incorporate practical weight loss solutions with other therapies that aid in calorie metabolism while teaching patients lifestyle habits that will promote long-term weight loss.

Key Services Offered By Simmons Advanced Weight Loss Clinic in Miami

Determining the underlying causes of an individual’s unhealthy weight, helps us put a plan in place for the patient and gives us the information we need to best support them. Services that we use to help support our weight loss patients include:

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Our bodies were designed to survive and so it regulates the speed at which we convert calories to energy and also how we react to stressful influences which can cause fat retention. Genetics, issues with hormones, metabolic set point, and many other factors can work against the best weight loss efforts.

This is frustrating to individuals who are deliberately reducing their caloric intake to promote weight loss just to have their bodies slow the natural calorie-burning mechanism down.

Advancements in technology have delivered some much-needed non-surgical weight loss procedures that can provide the perfect amount of help that patients need to reach their goals.

These procedures can multiply their efforts and reward them with long-lasting and significant weight loss if they make the appropriate lifestyle changes.

1. Orbera Intragastric Weight Loss Balloon

A deflated silicone balloon is temporarily placed into the stomach of a weight loss patient using endoscopy during an outpatient procedure. The Orbera balloon is filled with saline solution and used to take up space in the patient’s stomach helping them control how much they can eat at one time.

The reduction in calories and the balloon taking up a substantial amount of space help the patient lose weight and feel full longer. The balloon stays in the stomach for only 6 months and is then removed. During the time with the balloon, the patient is encouraged to form new healthier habits and instill long-term lifestyle changes that promote weight loss success.

Patients are fully supported during the entire 12-month Orbera balloon program. Access to a number of professionals that can address issues from suitable exercise, diet, and nutrition, to emotional health, are available to support the patient through the entirety of their weight loss journey.

2. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

This procedure mimics the weight loss results delivered through the popular gastric sleeve bariatric surgery. The huge advantage that ESG offers is it is an outpatient procedure that requires no surgery and no incisions.

Similar to gastric sleeve surgery, the non-surgical ESG procedure reduces the patient’s stomach size to force portion control. This is done by folding and reshaping the stomach and anchoring the new shape with sutures instead of cutting, removing a portion of the stomach, and closing the edge with staples.

The smaller stomach allows the patient to consume only a limited number of calories during a meal and keeps them satisfied for a longer time. When used in tandem with a low-calorie healthy diet and daily exercise, ESG can help patients lose about 60% of their excess body weight. Since EGS does not involve any incisions the recovery is significantly faster and easier than the recovery after gastric sleeve surgery.

3. Bariatric Revision Procedures

Individuals who have had weight loss surgery can get off track and start to regain the weight they have lost. Other patients can experience weight gain despite their best efforts with diet and exercise. There are many different elements that can influence weight gain after bariatric surgery. A non-surgical endoscopic procedure can correct and restore the restrictive nature of a previous gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, or ESG procedure.

A stretched stomach can be restored to its smaller more restrictive state through the use of sutures that are placed endoscopically. Sometimes the stoma (the opening between the small intestine and stomach) stretches out and becomes wider causing a patient to gain weight. A bariatric revision will tighten this opening, halt weight regain, and promote future weight loss.

Patients are supported by our comprehensive STEPS Lifestyle Program which will assist them with getting their weight loss back on track so they can look and feel their best.

Weight Loss Medications

Prescription medication can be included as part of a medically supervised non-surgical weight loss program and used in conjunction with the Orbera balloon, ESG, or a bariatric revision procedure.

The metabolic capabilities of prescription weight loss medication coupled with the restrictive benefits of these non-surgical procedures offer patients significant weight loss potential.

A study that was recently published showed results of a clinical trial in which patients that used Semiglutide weight loss medication and the non-surgical ESG procedure combined lost 26% more weight than through ESG alone.

STEPS Lifestyle Program

Our STEPS Lifestyle Program offers patients layers of support so they can achieve successful weight loss.

Patients work individually with wellness and lifestyle experts to create a personalized plan to effect change in their lifestyle choices that may encompass nutritional education, dietary plans, physical activity, behavioral health, and more.

Non-surgical weight loss procedures provide optimal results when patients choose to live healthy lifestyles that include nutrient-rich foods and daily exercise.

Fostering patient success is achieved through a comprehensive program that promotes healthy eating, and the importance of behavior modification, physical exercise, and stress management

  • Behavior Modification – Conditions such as negative self-image and emotional eating are some underlying issues that are often uncovered when working with weight loss patients. Issues like these often impede an individual’s weight loss efforts so having a professional helping them learn to recognize and overcome these areas breaking through what is holding them back helps them achieve their goals.
  • Exercise and Physical Activity – Our professionals help encourage and support patients to incorporate exercise and movement in their daily lives by starting with small goals and working up to larger ones. Helping them to select activities that they enjoy and will work best for their circumstances will make getting daily exercise a pleasure and not a chore. Walking is one of the most underrated low-impact ways to help boost weight loss efforts.
  • Stress Management – The human body produces a natural hormone called Cortisol that is released when we are stressed. Cortisol works against weight loss efforts as it promotes fat retention. Teaching patients strategies to manage their stress can help them realize their weight loss goals and offers them many other health benefits as well.

To effectively treat the complex condition of obesity, we must look at the issue from more than one vantage point. Dr. Simmons and his team of professionals are trained and expertly skilled in identifying and addressing the underlying issues that contribute to obesity. They build effective customized patient programs that help patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

If you are ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary to become healthier, the team at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions is ready to partner with you and support you in your weight loss journey. We provide you with the necessary resources needed to achieve your weight loss goals.

Contact us today and set up a consultation to learn more about our comprehensive customized weight loss programs available in our metabolic weight loss clinic in Miami, Fl.

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