20 February, 2024

What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery?

If you are searching for the safest weight loss surgery, you probably want to get rid of stubborn fat deposits on your body without unnecessarily high risks, complications, and inconveniences. You might think that the only way to lose weight effectively is through complicated and risky bariatric surgeries and trying to find the least risky of them. But we have good news for you! Keep reading and you will learn that you can avoid weight loss surgery because there are much safer and easier ways to make your extra pounds disappear in a matter of just several months.

Nowadays, thanks to the medical advancements in the field of obesity, patients can choose between a wide variety of weight loss methods and solutions. However, as it often happens, the information about the innovations, no matter how great they are, spreads slowly. That’s why few people know about weight loss procedures that give similar results at a much lower risk and cost. Because of a lack of awareness, people do not get to experience a comfortable weight loss journey. Therefore, you should search for “the safest weight loss procedures” rather than for “the safest weight loss surgery”.

Today, we will talk about both the safest weight loss surgeries and procedures.

What Is The Safest And Most Effective Weight Loss Surgery?

We often get asked this question and we understand our patients. Of course, they want not just great but safe and sustainable results. Non-surgical weight loss procedures are the safest tools because they do not involve cutting or making incisions and do not permanently alter your digestive system. With weight loss procedures, there are no permanent changes and interferences in your organism and anatomy since they are temporary or reversible.

Regarding the safest weight loss surgeries, here we will give you an overview of their safety profile and see if they are as safe as some people claim. Keep reading to learn which weight loss methods are the safest.

Gastric Sleeve Might Not Be The Safest As Many Think

Numerous studies examined different types of bariatric surgery for side effects and complication rates. Gastric sleeve, overall, has relatively fewer cases of complications. However, there are several side effects of this surgery.

As the research shows, 2.6% of gastric sleeve patients had side effects during the first month following the operation. According to the study, a great majority of patients who underwent gastric sleeve were exposed to persisting acid reflux that does not resolve after time unless medically treated. There is a certain chance that you will have to do a conversion to another type of surgery like gastric bypass if you want to get rid of heartburn.

Since a gastric sleeve involves cutting a significant part of your stomach out, the changes made will stay forever and cannot be reversed. While gastric sleeve is considered safer than other bariatric surgeries, it still involves high risks of major surgery and no way back after you have done it.

Gastric Bypass: No Going Back

Gastric bypass is another common bariatric surgery. It changes the anatomy of your digestive tract and accounts for 1-2% of mortality risk. It is estimated that on average about 20% of patients after this type of surgery develop minor or major complications.

The surgery is quite complex. The changes in the GI tract are expected to heal but 1.5% to 6% of patients face leakage that can be accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, nausea, fever, heart rate, drainage from surgical wounds, and others.

While this surgery promises good weight loss results, a certain portion of those who do it might seriously damage their health. Finally, after you have had the surgery, there is no way to return your stomach to its original state. The surgery is not reversible. If something goes wrong with your surgery, you will probably have to do another surgery, exposing yourself to even more risks.

Gastric Band: Least Effective, Unique Complications

Although laparoscopic gastric band seems to be safer than gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries due to its technique, it still can lead to complications that are unique to this type of surgery.

Patients who choose gastric band operation have a risk of having pouch enlargement, port breakage, band erosion, band slip, port-site infections, and pouch dilation accompanied by symptoms like stomach pain and reflux. Statistically, 5% of patients develop band slippage, 7% – persistent GERD, 12% – nausea, vomiting.

While this operation is generally regarded as safer than other operations, it still has a certain level of side effects and complications. Additionally, it is not that effective because it does not yield significant weight loss results.

What Is The Best And Safest Weight Loss Surgery Procedure?

As we discussed before, traditional risky bariatric surgeries are not your only options. Non-surgical safe and effective weight loss procedures don’t involve cuts or incisions and other unnecessary risks but give you the results that you strived for.

The Orbera Balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon is one of the safest and most effective weight loss tools. This procedure has a very high safety profile. The empty folded tiny balloon will be inserted into your stomach through the mouth via an endoscope. There will be no change made to the anatomy of your stomach and thus no risks associated with it.

The process takes only 30 minutes and everything will be seen on the screen thanks to the tiny camera and light that travels to your stomach. You will be back home the same day after the procedure. Since the recovery time is minimal and takes only several days, you will continue working on your duties without interruptions.

Orbera gastric balloon

Usually, patients can anticipate 10-15% overall weight loss with the Orbera balloon, though many motivated and dedicated individuals who collaborate with Dr. Okeefe Simmons often achieve higher results and can lose up to 100 pounds in less than a year.

Also, a very important safety feature of this gastric balloon is that it is only a temporary device that will be removed in 6 months. During the time with the balloon, you will work on your eating and exercise habits while losing weight steadily. Orbera will help establish a healthy routine that will promote weight loss and weight maintenance.

The ESG Procedure

Another highly effective and non-invasive procedure that will help you lose weight safely is endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). The ESG procedure involves stitching a large portion of your stomach using a special suturing device that gets inserted into your stomach through the mouth with the help of endoscopy.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

Those who choose ESG avoid having visible scars, cuts, incisions, long recovery times, complications, side effects, and other perils related to having surgery. Not only that, they will enjoy great results in a short period. People whose BMI is between 30-40 can lose about 40 lbs in 6 months while patients with even higher BMI manage to remove 75 lbs and more from their body in the same amount of time.

Consult With A Doctor

Dr. Okeefe Simmons values safety and efficiency over everything else. He understands the worries and concerns of his patients because he has been working in this field for years. Therefore, Dr. Simmons provides only the safest weight loss procedures and makes sure that each patient reaches his goal securely and confidently.

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