Orbera® Gastric Balloon Miami, FL

Losing weight is not easy and especially if you are trying to do it alone. The Orbera Intragastric balloon procedure can help magnify your weight loss efforts and give you just the right amount of help when you need it most. If you want to lose weight before you hit the beautiful local beaches, contact us to learn more about gastric balloon procedures in Miami.

What Is The Orbera® Gastric Balloon?

Orbera gastric balloon
The Orbera gastric balloon is a temporary weight loss device that does not require surgery, incisions or leave any scarring. It has been used for decades all over the world to help patients lose weight. It was the first weight loss balloon to be developed and is the basis of all other weight loss balloons available today. It was FDA-approved in the United States for use in the treatment of obesity in August of 2015 but had been successfully treating obesity in several other countries for over a decade.

Is a Gastric Balloon Considered a Surgery?

It is a common misconception that the installation of an IGB (intragastric balloon) requires surgery, but it does not. This non-surgical procedure is performed by a qualified gastroenterologist who is an expert in endoscopy.

How The Orbera® Balloon Works

Orbera has helped more than 300,000 patients worldwide lose weight. The non-surgical Orbera procedure temporarily reduces the available space in your stomach so you feel full faster and adopt healthier habits that will become permanent lifestyle changes. The Orbera weight loss balloon is meant to be used in conjunction with a low-calorie healthy diet and daily exercise to be most successful. The balloon is removed from your stomach after six months but you should continue to practice your new healthy lifestyle habits to promote further weight loss and maintain your results.

The Orbera® Gastric Balloon Procedure

During the Orbera gastric balloon procedure, a deflated silicone balloon is inserted into your stomach endoscopically. It is strategically positioned and then inflated with saline solution until it is around the size of a medium grapefruit. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and then you are free to go home – no overnight hospital stay is required. Most patients recover in two to three days and can return to their normal activities.

How Is the Procedure Done?

When Will I See the Results?

For many patients, most weight loss occurs within the first 3 months of balloon placement. During this time the body and mind begin to adapt to the new portion sizes and feel full faster. Some patients have reported tremendous weight loss results of over 100 pounds in a year after undergoing the Orbera gastric balloon procedure but the average is between 30-40 lbs in six months (Individual results may vary).

The Orbera balloon is a tool that aids in portion control and when utilized properly together with a healthy diet and exercise will help you maintain long-term results.

When Will I See the Results?
The Orbera balloon weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight and adopt habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Patients that have had the Orbera balloon historically lost up to three times as much weight as they could have through diet and exercising alone.

Where Can I Get a Gastric Balloon In Miami?

When choosing a stomach balloon in Florida, it is important to consider a variety of factors such as the experience and qualifications of the doctor, his/her bedside manners, and last but not least the results. Dr. Simmons is a doctor with years of experience who specializes in gastroenterology, bariatric endoscopy, and obesity medicine and has conducted more than a thousand successful intragastric balloon procedures. You can learn more about the results from the stories of patients who changed their lives with the help of the Orbera balloon. If you are looking for a doctor who can help you with a gastric balloon in Miami, contact Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions. Since Dr. Okeefe Simmons treats patients with special care and attention, many clients come to see him not only from Florida but also from other parts of the country. Make the right choice. Book a consultation with Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions now and change your life forever.

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