29 May, 2024

The Newest Procedures For Weight Loss

Historically, individuals suffering from obesity had limited options for medical intervention when traditional methods of weight loss failed. The only choice they really had to get help was to undergo invasive bariatric surgery, which comes with significant risks, complications, and a long recovery time. These days, patients have access to the newest weight loss procedures that do not involve surgery at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions.

Today, we will look at some of these non-surgical options to treat obesity, including weight loss injections, the revival of gastric balloon therapy, and the new FDA-approved ESG weight loss procedure.

New Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options Offer Hope

In the past, weight loss surgery has been the only choice for people dealing with obesity. However, even though many were eligible for these procedures, only a small number of individuals actually went ahead with them. Many people avoid surgical interventions out of fear and concern about the risks and lengthy recovery process. Statistics show that the number of people who actually undergo weight loss surgery is only 1% of those who are eligible.

Fortunately, there are newer options that can help people lose a significant amount of weight without having to resort to surgery. In fact, lately, there has been a flood of information on the internet and social media platforms about newer non-surgical weight loss methods. Discussions regarding prescription weight loss injections and endoscopic procedures that are designed to decrease stomach capacity can be found on the radio, television, and the internet. These alternatives provide hope for individuals who have not been successful in using diet and exercise to get their weight under control but do not wish to undergo surgery.

What Are The Newest Weight Loss Procedures?

Weight Loss Injections

Prescription weight loss medications have become very popular over the past few years with the launch of Wegovy and Zepbound. Their predecessor, Saxenda, has been on the market since 2014 but did not offer as much weight loss potential, so it never became very popular.

  • Saxenda is the prescription medication liraglutide that was approved by the FDA to treat obesity in 2017 after being used for years under the brand name Victoza for blood sugar management in patients with type 2 diabetes;
  • Wegovy is the prescription medication semaglutide and was FDA-approved in 2021 for weight management. This same medication was approved under the brand name Ozempic in 2017 to help patients with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar levels;
  • Zepbound is the prescription medication tirzepatide, which was approved in November 2023 to help treat obesity. It is the same prescription medication that was approved in 2022 under the brand name Mounjaro to treat type 2 diabetes.

These weight loss injections are meant to be administered under the skin in a fatty tissue area such as the outer thigh, stomach, or outer upper arm. Saxenda is a daily injection, and Wegovy and Zepboud are only administered once a week. They help patients lose weight by jump-starting their metabolism and acting as a significant appetite suppressant.

These injections work with the natural hormones released by your body during digestion that control the efficiency of the process. When these medications are combined with non-surgical weight loss procedures and healthy lifestyle changes, it can result in significant weight loss.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

The endoscopic sleeve weight loss procedure was approved by the FDA in mid-2022 and is completed without the use of surgery and is done as an outpatient. There are no abdominal incisions created because the entire procedure is completed with the use of an endoscope.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

The endoscope, a thin, hollow, flexible, hose-like device that has an onboard camera, is carefully guided through the patient’s mouth and down their throat while they are sedated. Its hollow middle allows for a special suturing device and other thin tools to be lowered down into the stomach while guided by the tiny camera.

The doctor reshapes the stomach into a tube-like shape that is substantially smaller and then uses the suturing device to place stitches from inside the patient’s stomach to hold this new, smaller shape. The new size and shape of the patient’s stomach resemble the results of gastric sleeve surgery, but without incisions or cutting away any portion of the stomach. Unlike gastric sleeve surgery, ESG can be reversed if necessary and does not typically result in the common side effect of acid reflux.

ESG helps individuals lose weight because the stomach’s much smaller size helps promote portion control and keeps them feeling full for a longer time, so they eat less.

The Orbera Gastric Balloon

While this method is not a new procedure for weight loss, it is starting to make a comeback. It was approved for use in the United States in 2015 after being used for about a decade in Europe prior to that time. It offers advantages that many individuals who want to lose weight are looking for, such as:

  • There is no surgery involved;
  • The balloon is only temporary;
  • There are no changes made to your digestive system;
  • The insertion and removal process is fast, easy, and done as an outpatient procedure;
  • Patients learn how to make healthier choices;
  • It offers significant weight loss potential.

A deflated Orbera balloon is placed into the patient’s stomach using an endoscope and then filled with saline until it reaches about 5” in diameter. This takes up about ¾ of the available stomach capacity, so they can only eat tiny amounts at each meal. The patient follows a doctor-supervised program for a year while using the Orbera balloon, which will help them exchange unhealthy habits for ones that promote a healthy weight. The balloon remains in the stomach for six months and then is removed, but the patient remains in the supervised program for an additional six months.

Orbera gastric balloon

Learn More About These New Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, the Orbera balloon, and weight loss injections provide non-surgical options for people to take control of their weight and their health. These treatments are less invasive, therefore less intimidating, and do not cause anxiety or concerns regarding the risks and side effects of bariatric surgery.

Also, these endoscopic procedures offer a much quicker recovery compared to surgery, so you can get back to your everyday routine sooner. That means less time resting and more time incorporating physical activity into your routine and jumpstarting your healthier lifestyle.

Contact Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions to learn more about these endoscopic procedures and how they can help you lower your body mass index and become healthier. Set up an appointment today and let us help you set up a plan to reach your weight loss goals.

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