At Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions, we offer Mounjaro prescription medication in Miami as part of a doctor-monitored program designed to help obese individuals lose weight, lower their BMI, and become healthier. Dr. Simmons is recognized as the country’s first doctor to complete three distinct fellowships, giving him the expertise to develop thoughtfully crafted individualized weight loss programs that meet the specific needs of each patient.

What Is Mounjaro?

In May 2022, the FDA approved this prescription medication, tirzepatide, under the brand name Mounjaro, for the treatment of diabetes type 2. It is a once-weekly injection designed for adults to help keep their blood sugar in balance. During clinical trials, this medication was found to promote significant weight loss when it was used together with healthy lifestyle choices.

This medication prescription was used “off-label” while the manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company, was waiting to get Mounjaro approved for weight loss by the FDA.

Approval was granted in November 2023 under the brand name Zepbound for the treatment of obesity in adults over the age of 18. The medication in both injections is exactly the same; however, the dosage used is lower for the treatment of diabetes than when used for weight loss.

How Do These Injections Help You Lose Weight?

Tirzepatide simulates two of the hormones that are naturally produced by your body, known as GLP 1 and GIP. They are created to help the digestive system function properly, and when you eat, it triggers your body to release them. These hormones help balance your levels of glucagon and insulin.

Glucagon and insulin work together to keep your blood sugar in balance, and glucagon also helps to keep your appetite under control. These two hormones also help your digestive system work more efficiently, so you will stay satisfied for a longer time. This occurs because the stomach takes longer to empty, and your brain and stomach communicate a bit faster to help prevent overeating.

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How Do You Use It?

Mounjaro prescription injections are usually self-administered into a fatty area of your outer thigh, outside upper arm, or abdominal area, and these sites should be rotated to prevent one from becoming overly irritated or tender. You should administer your injection on the same day of the week and as close to the same time as possible. There is no “best time of day to take Mounjaro, and you should choose the day and time that work best for your schedule so you will take it consistently.

When you pick up your mounjaro prescription, you will be given four prefilled single-use injection pens, each containing the exact dose you need to take each week during that month. Your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions on how to administer your injections, but the basic steps are as follows:

Keep the pens refrigerated until you are ready to do your injection. When you remove one for use, do not remove the gray base cap until you are about to administer your injection.

  • 1

    Safety Check

    Double check the label to ensure it is not expired and contains the correct medication and the correct dose. Also look over the pen for any signs of damage, and make sure the liquid medication is not frozen, is colorless or tinged slightly yellow, that it is not cloudy, and it is free from any particles. Wash your hands before proceeding.

  • 2

    Choose your injection site

    Mounjaro injections are fairly easy to self-administer into the stomach or thigh, but you should ask for assistance if using your upper arm area.

  • 3

    Prepare the pen

    Make sure the pen is in the locked position, then pull off the gray base cap. (Do not attempt to put this cap back on because it could damage the needle, and do not touch the needle.)

  • 4

    Position the pen

    Place the clear flat bottom of the pen flush against your skin in the target area, and turn the ring to unlock the pen.

  • 5

    Inject the medication

    Press and hold the purple button on the end of the pen and keep pressing until you hear 2 noticeable clicks. The first will signal the start of the injection, and the second will sound when the injection is complete. You can be sure it is complete when you can see the gray plunger.

  • 6

    Dispose of the used pen

    Properly dispose of your used pen in an FDA-approved sharps container and do not throw it in your household trash. You can also use a sturdy plastic container that is properly labeled, as long as it is made from durable plastic and has a lid that will seal tightly and won’t be easy to puncture.

Dosing Schedule For Mounjaro Injections

Many individuals experience nausea and vomiting when starting tirzepatide and other types of GLP-1 medications. To help prevent severe symptoms, patients begin their injections with a very low dose and gradually work up to the highest dose. The dose is increased approximately every four weeks over the course of six months.

Who Should Not Use This Medication?

If you are already using another GLP-1 medication, have had medullary thyroid carcinoma, gallbladder issues, kidney or pancreas problems, or have been diagnosed with MEN type-2, Mounjaro may not be right for you. You should not use this medication if you are allergic to any of the ingredients that are contained within or if you are pregnant, nursing, or are planning to get pregnant soon.

Who Can Use Tirzepatide Injections?

Mounjaro is meant for adults who are at least 18 years old, and have type-2 diabetes, or are overweight or obese. These individuals have tried on their own to lose weight, but traditional methods have been unsuccessful for them. Their body mass index is at least 30 or 27, and they have health problems that are related to their weight, such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.

What Is The Average Weight Loss Result From Mounjaro?

Since this is the only weight loss medication that emulates two of the body’s naturally occurring hormones, Mounjaro has shown the most significant weight loss results compared to Semaglutide-based injections. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes lost an average of 16% of their total body weight in 18 months, and non-diabetic individuals showed weight loss results of approximately 21% of their total body weight.

Who Can Prescribe Mounjaro?

A doctor who has extensive expertise in obesity medicine like Dr. Okeefe Simmons can write a Mounjaro prescription in conjunction with a professionally supervised weight loss program at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions in Miami. He and his compassionate team of experts will provide you with a plan that is customized with your circumstances in mind to help you reach your weight loss goals.

The knowledgeable professionals at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions will provide you with a strong support system that you can draw upon for guidance with diet, nutrition, and exercise, as well as lifestyle and behavior coaching. You will not be left on your own trying to figure it out, but you will benefit from educational opportunities and strategies that work in real-life situations. Dr. Simmons will work with you to ensure your weight loss plan includes the solutions or combinations that will give you the results you desire and get your health back on track. Set up a consultation today to learn more about whether a Mounjaro prescription would be right for you.

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