15 January, 2024

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight?

Anyone who has ever attempted to drop a significant amount of weight can tell you that getting motivated to start is a huge struggle, but staying motivated can be even harder.

Why is it so hard to conjure up the motivation for weight loss? The answer is different for each person. Many times, people lack motivation because they cannot envision their end goal. They may lack confidence in their ability to reach that goal, or they may not totally buy into why they are trying to lose weight, to begin with.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss weight loss motivation and what you can do if you find yourself running low on this commodity but desperately need to shed some pounds.

What Causes Lack Of Motivation When Trying To Lose Weight?

Many suffer from a lack of motivation due to underlying issues such as depression, unmanaged stress, or feeling completely overwhelmed. Sometimes it stems from a fear of failure, so they do not even put forth the effort to try.

Watching the numbers on the scale decrease requires daily weight loss motivation, and most people do not even know where to start looking for it, let alone find it. Here are a few strategies that can help you stay motivated while you are on your weight loss journey.

Write Down Your “WHY”
Many experts believe that knowing your “WHY” is a driving factor that can provide motivation for weight loss. For instance, your doctor tells you that if you do not lose weight, you are going to have a heart attack or a stroke, or maybe you are just tired of not being able to participate in activities with your children. Every overweight person has a deep desire to be healthy and lose weight, but their reasons may differ.
Write Yourself A Mission Statement
Most companies have mission statements, and many times this statement is prominently displayed in their lobby, on their website, or in their advertising literature. This is not just for show as these statements help these organizations remain focused on their objectives so they stay on track making decisions that are conducive to reaching these future goals.

Some experts go as far as recommending making a vision board and putting it in a place where you can see it every day. This can be as simple as a picture of your family or something that depicts your “WHY.” You can even go one step further and write a description in the style of a mission statement. Seeing this every day can help bring you back on track when you feel discouraged or frustrated.

Create A Support System
Things are always easier when you have someone to support and encourage you. Finding others who are navigating their way through a weight loss journey can help you stay focused and motivated, as well as provide some source of accountability.
Set Realistic Smaller Goals
Set small, attainable goals that feed into your larger goals. It is important not to stay too focused on your larger goal, or you may find it easy to get discouraged when things do not happen as fast as you want them to. Your end goal may be to lose 50 pounds, but instead of focusing on that number, focus on each daily goal. A daily goal may be that you are going to walk for 30 minutes or that you are going to drink water instead of Coke.

Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight is achieved by gradually making adjustments to your lifestyle. Set up rewards for yourself after you have achieved a particular goal, and then make sure you follow through.

Find A Reputable Weight Loss Clinic And See Results
We have talked about some basic things that you can do to help support yourself and stay motivated during your weight loss journey. These are all great strategies that will help you achieve success, but if you are like most people who have tried to lose weight on their own and failed, you are going to need a bit more. The best weight loss motivation comes from seeing results! Working hard feels worth it when you see that you have actually accomplished something. It makes you proud of yourself, diminishes some of the fear of failure, and helps you believe in yourself and that you can do this. It gives you a renewed sense of motivation every time you make some progress.

A Qualified Weight Loss Professional Can Help You Get Results

Working with a qualified doctor who is an expert in treating obesity and its complications can mean the difference between previous failed attempts at weight loss and achieving your weight loss goals.

A qualified professional such as Dr. Okeefe Simmons at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions will use your medical history and the information you provide regarding your previous weight loss attempts to create a customized weight loss plan for you.

Many individuals have conditions that are pre-existing and have inhibited their ability to lose weight in the past. Addressing these issues can help you break through these barriers and effectively lose weight.

Weight Loss Help Without Surgery

Weight loss doctors also have tools available that can help multiply the impact of your efforts. Prescription weight loss medications and non-surgical weight loss tools such as the Orbera gastric balloon and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) are safe and effective ways to assist you in losing weight. Seeing the progress you are making by the way your clothes fit and the way you feel will give you motivation to continue following your weight loss plan.

Using a weight loss tool that has been proven safe and effective can alleviate any fear of failure you may be encountering. You will have the assurance that some of the hardest parts of trying to lose weight will be a bit easier for you because you are not trying to do it alone. Two big benefits that are provided by the Orbera balloon and the ESG procedure include the following:

  • You will have help with portion control so that you can minimize overeating;
  • You will not feel hungry all the time.

We Will Help You Maintain Your Motivation For Weight Loss

When you partner with the experts at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions, you receive comprehensive support so you are never left on your own to “figure things out.” We are here for you every step of the way. You will have access to everything you need to reach your weight loss goals, including:

  • Nutritional mentoring;
  • Dietary plans and recipes;
  • Exercise and physical activity guidance;
  • Lifestyle and behavior modification coaching;
  • A support system made up of wellness professionals.

In addition to the thrill of fitting back into your favorite pair of jeans, losing weight offers health benefits that are too numerous to mention. Lowering your BMI can increase your quality of life, raise your self-confidence, and promote positivity.

If you are finding it hard to find motivation for weight loss, you are among many others, and we are here to help you. With the right tools and an amazing support system, you can lose weight and keep it off. If you want to see weight loss results, contact Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions to learn more about how we can help you! Make your appointment today for a healthier tomorrow!

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