Life After ESG
21 March, 2024

Life After The ESG Procedure

Did you know that the disease of obesity has been so severe over the past 25 years that it was classified as an epidemic? The definition of an epidemic is that the disease is widespread and spans a large number of people within a specific geographic area, population, or community. More recently, it has been reclassified as a pandemic, which happens when an epidemic disease spans many continents or countries.

Historically, the only available help for obese individuals came in the form of bariatric surgery. These invasive procedures often brought with them side effects and complications that rivaled those that were associated with obesity. Most individuals who qualified for these surgeries chose not to undergo them, which left them in continued poor health.

Today, patients have an amazing non-surgical option that is performed endoscopically called ESG (endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty). This procedure has proven that its weight loss potential can surpass that of gastric sleeve bariatric surgery without the risks, complications, or long recovery time.

Today, we are going to talk about this safe and effective procedure that can help you lose weight and keep it off. We are going to go over the basics of ESG and provide some insight into life after the ESG procedure.

A Quick Overview Of ESG

This procedure is done to diminish the usable space within a patient’s stomach so they are unable to eat very much during one meal. The reduction in stomach capacity also serves to slow down the digestive process and keep them feeling satisfied for a longer time.

This is all accomplished from inside the patient’s stomach, and there are no incisions made anywhere. The doctor accesses the stomach via the patient’s mouth and uses a tiny camera and a special tool to place stitches in targeted areas of the stomach to reshape it and make it smaller. The individual consumes fewer calories and does not get hungry as often, which helps them lose weight.

Most people recover very quickly, and within a few days, are back to their normal routine.

Life After Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This amazing procedure has helped countless individuals lose weight and reduce their body mass index (BMI). During the year following their ESG procedure, patients experience significant weight loss and tremendous changes that transform their lives. Some of the things patients experience during their life after the ESG procedure include:

A Substantial Loss In Weight
Many patients lose an average of 25% of their total body weight in a year, and a significant number of individuals lose even more. Patients have reported weight losses of over 100 pounds after having the ESG procedure.
A Reduction In BMI
With the loss of pounds comes a reduction in body mass index. This means that you have lost fat, and a portion of it will be visceral fat, which is often termed “the bad kind of fat” because it wraps around your organs and can cause metabolic issues. Reducing your BMI helps decrease your risk for Type 2 diabetes, helps improve your blood sugar ratios, helps normalize hypertension, improves cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, etc.
Noticeable Improvements In Current Health Conditions
Many patients experienced an improved quality of life after ESG because their health significantly improved. Patients have reported remission or significant improvement in type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Some have been able to reduce their dose of medication or no longer require medication to control their blood sugar or other weight-related health issues. Many have found increased mobility and fewer joint issues, allowing them to participate in activities they were unable to previously.
Finding More Enjoying In Life
Many patients find that life after ESG provides more satisfaction and enjoyment. It is easier for them to get around; they have more energy; they feel better; and they are able to get quality sleep. They find themselves doing more activities and spending more quality time with friends and family.
Improved Outlook
Many people find that life after endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty has provided them with a balance in their mental and emotional health. They have significantly more self-confidence and an increase in self-love. Negative body images are beginning to fade, and they are enjoying their new look.
They Have A New Relationship With Food
After ESG, many patients are aware of how important it is to ensure their body gets the nutrition they need. Prior to ESG, they ate without paying too much attention to what they were eating or why they were eating. Going through the ESG procedure and working with the dietician taught them how to make informed decisions about what they are going to put into their body. They notice they are no longer hungry all the time, they feel better (increased level of energy), and they notice how different they look (healthy glowing skin, slimmer body). They have a new understanding of how changing a few behaviors can make a huge difference in many areas of their lives.

Some Unexpected Aspects Of Life After Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Many patients are aware of all of the benefits to their health that losing weight with the ESG procedure can offer them, but there may be some things that they experience afterward that they were not expecting.

Residual Loose Skin

Often, after a significant weight loss, patients will be left with loose, saggy skin that was unable to contract enough to fit tightly over their new, smaller frame. They became discouraged because they were looking forward to showing off their new figure in cute clothing and were unprepared for this issue. Loose skin can prevent clothing from fitting correctly; it can get caught in zippers, rub against itself, and create rashes, etc. A cosmetic surgeon can eliminate this loose skin and put the finishing touches on your weight loss transformation. If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, you may wish to consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and work with them during your weight loss journey so you can obtain the results you want.

You Need To Avoid Excess Alcohol

Your doctor will advise you to avoid alcohol altogether for around six months after your ESG procedure. Alcohol is high in calories and provides no nutritional benefits, so it will impede your ability to lose weight. Additionally, your tolerance for alcohol may diminish significantly, causing even a small amount to affect you more, and you can become intoxicated much quicker.

Your Fertility Issues May Clear Up

Obesity contributes to infertility issues, and many women find that when they lose weight, they are able to conceive. Studies have shown that some women who were unsuccessful in getting pregnant previously finally became mothers, which improved their quality of life after the ESG procedure. It is recommended that you wait twelve months after your procedure to conceive. If you desire to become pregnant after ESG, talk with your doctor about the timeframe that is right for you.

Medication Effectiveness And Tolerance

Many patients find that medication taken in pill form requires additional time to take effect after their stomach is made smaller through ESG. Also, medications such as ibuprofen, Motrin, and other anti-inflammatory medications can cause stomach irritation after the procedure.


Most patients find that life after the ESG procedure has significantly improved, but that does not mean that it is easy. Some patients find they have issues with the changes to their diet, or they reach weight loss plateaus and become discouraged. These are normal and expected, so having a strong support system is important. Working with a team of professionals like those at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions will help you overcome these challenges so you can successfully reach your goals.

Can You Envision Your Life After ESG?

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a game changer for individuals who have been unsuccessful in losing weight on their own and do not wish to undergo invasive surgery. Patients who make permanent lifestyle changes can expect that their quality of life after their ESG procedure will improve, bringing significant positive changes to both their physical and emotional health. As they lose weight, they will gain an increased amount of energy, they will have fewer weight-related health issues, their hormones will begin to balance out, and they will look and feel so much better!

Every individual has their own set of circumstances, but we have been privileged to support many as they navigate life after endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and have seen amazing results from our patient family. Take the first step toward awesome improvements in your life after endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and make your consultation appointment today. Dr. Okeefe Simmons and his amazing team at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions are ready to support you through the entire process.

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