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19 October, 2022

Gastric Balloon Reviews: What People Are Saying About Orbera

Gastric weight loss balloons have been around for over 20 years as a means to help individuals lose weight. Over the years, there have been many improvements to the size, shape, and functionality of intragastric balloons and today they are growing increasingly popular.

Why are gastric balloons becoming more popular? What would we find if we googled “gastric balloon reviews?” This article is going to provide an overview of gastric balloons – what they are, how they work, and what patients are saying about them.

What Is A Gastric Balloon And How Does It Work For Weight Loss?

To understand intragastric balloon reviews, it is important to have a clear idea of what they are and how they are intended to work.

A gastric balloon is a device that is used to promote weight loss in an individual who has been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. The gastric balloon is meant to be used temporarily for 6 months while the patient learns new eating habits, including portion control and making healthy choices.

The gastric balloon takes up a significant portion of the patient’s stomach capacity so they cannot eat as much. It also helps the patient to feel full so they do not experience annoying hunger pangs.

The balloon is used in conjunction with a supervised weight loss program that runs for 12 months. After the first 6 months, the device is removed but the patient continues to follow their plan and work with their team of professionals (dietician, nutritionist, exercise coach, etc). If the patient continues to follow and practice their new eating habits and lifestyle choices, they may continue to lose weight and will maintain their weight loss.

Does A Gastric Balloon Require Surgery?

No, a gastric balloon procedure is non-surgical. Many individuals use the term gastric balloon surgery, however, there are no incisions or sutures and it is not a surgical procedure.

The patient is mildly sedated and then the balloon is placed into the patient’s stomach through an endoscope in a deflated state and then filled up with a sterile saline solution until it reaches about grapefruit size. An endoscope is a special tool that is lowered down a patient’s throat to access the stomach. The procedure is performed as an outpatient visit and only takes about 20 minutes. Only mild sedation is used and patients return home the same day as the procedure.

What Am I Going To Feel Like After I Get A Gastric Balloon?

The stomach can take a few days to get used to the new balloon so patients may experience nausea or vomiting. The doctor will provide medication to help ease these discomforts and they should subside.

Orbera Gastric Balloon Reviews

Patients are sharing their stories and gastric balloon reviews on social media and provider Youtube channels. Let’s take a look at what they are saying.

Gastric Balloon Reviews About Initial Side Effects & Down Sides

Each person is different and not everyone is a candidate for a gastric balloon. A gastric balloon is an excellent choice for any weight loss patient to try because it is a reversible procedure and the balloon can be removed if necessary.

Some patients opt for early removal due to the side effects of the balloon and others become discouraged due to their slow progress with weight loss. When reviewing comments made on social media, it was noteworthy that most individuals who did not meet their weight loss goals mentioned that they were not following their dietary guidelines or getting enough exercise.

“I did very well with the Orbera Balloon and lost 62 pounds. Reached my goal weight and feel healthy! Support from my doctor’s office was phenomenal. I felt sick for the first 3 days but never vomited. I did go back into the office for IV fluids twice after balloon placement and then all was well.”

“I’m all done with my Orbera balloon. YAY I removed it yesterday after 6 1/2 months. I lost a total of 25 pounds. The hardest part was at the beginning. Everything else was not so bad besides the nasty burps and gas. The removal went ok.”

“I’ve only lost 10 lbs so far so I’m kinda bummed. I know it’s my own fault because of my food choices. So, I’m trying to eat cleaner and drink more water.”

“I’m down 18 pounds. During the holidays, I have been bad but have noticed that I still lost weight. I could only feel the balloon when I ate too much or ate too late. I did get heartburn, burping, and gas more than before. Now that the holidays are over, I hope I can report more weight loss like other reviews I read. Having the balloon has helped but I noticed that you have to put 80% effort into eating decisions. Sometimes I think I need more liquid in my balloon, lol.”

“I started at 220 lbs, and after 4 months I am at 199.3. My goal is to be between 165-170 when the balloon is removed. This is NOT a magic pill. You really have to put in work every single day. I have taken up doing cardio a minimum of 4 days a week. I could lose more weight by doing a drastic diet along with the balloon but I am opting to eat what I like in moderation and take my time losing weight.”

Gastric Balloon Reviews About Support

“I highly recommend the Orbera Weight Loss Balloon. I did not know where to begin and the other ways of losing weight did not help me get to my goal so I lost interest. I have lost 72 lbs. Keeping the weight off… You get so much out of it. Not just the balloon but a support system with a coach during and after the balloon comes out. There is a lot of knowledge, articles, videos, and training. The whole process was great and easy.”

“My experience with Orbera was really incredible. I believe the success I experienced was because I recognized it was a tool and that it was there for personal accountability. The support of my physician, dietician, and independent research on health and nutrition is what was crucial to the success and long-term maintenance of my weight loss. Lost 85 pounds.”

Orbera Gastric Balloon Reviews About Lifestyle Changes

“I Lost 50 Lbs and Feel Like It Was Worth Every Penny! 15 min to change 20 years of weight gain. The Balloon helped me change habits, not modify my body with surgery. I had tried so many times to lose weight with other programs but they did not change my behavior, offering feedback on food choices. This experience helped shape and replace my ideas about food, eating, quantity and calories, activity, and the joys of life.”

“I weighed an embarrassing 333 pounds. After six months and my balloon removal, I weighed 202 pounds! Three weeks later, I was down to 200 pounds but gained 2 lbs of muscle. Not only did Orbera help me lose 25% body fat and over 130 pounds, but it has also changed my entire outlook on life. Since removal, I have not increased my calorie intake and my new normal-sized portions have become habitual. My biggest concern was that I would instantly revert back to overeating and gain a ton of weight. Orbera and my diet expert instilled in me a whole new routine and gave me a restart on a healthy life. Orbera is the tool I needed to keep from giving up on myself. Six months was the perfect amount of time to create the sense of self-respect and self-confidence I truly needed and will carry with me forever”.

“30 pounds down after six months. Very happy! No issues whatsoever! Yep! It took some work like working out and eating healthy, but I did it. I am trying to lose 20 more.”

Orbera before and after men
A man lost 126 pounds with the Orbera gastric balloon procedure

Gastric Balloon Reviews About Losing Weight

“If you are overweight, not happy with yourself and just need a little help to boost your ego, the Orbera balloon is the only way to go. I hit my goal weight in less than 4 MONTHS. I went from busting out of a size 18 and feeling miserable to a size 10 and feeling fantastic!!! I have struggled with my weight pretty much my whole adult life and tried everything you can think of to lose weight. There’s no incision involved. It’s the easiest procedure ever and has amazing results. As far as the price, look at it like this… you pay 30,000 to ride around in a new car. Why not pay 8,000 to walk around in a new body? Best decision of my life. I would do it 1,000 times over.”

“I had my balloon placed in Nov and removed early in April because I lost 45 lbs which was 20 more than planned. I had a great team for support and I am a new woman. People actually don’t recognize me. I have kept the weight off even after a cruise and many vacations”.

If you have struggled with your weight and are ready to try something different, contact Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions today. Our highly knowledgeable professionals can answer any questions you may have about the Orbera balloon procedure.

We fully support our patients during their entire weight loss journey and they are never on their own. Contact us today to learn more about how the Orbera weight loss balloon can help you.

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