Modern Obesity Treatments At Florida’s Finest Weight Loss Center
28 September, 2023

Modern Obesity Treatments at Florida’s Finest Weight Loss Center

What do modern solutions mean to you? Usually, when we talk about modern ways of doing things, we mean something that is better, more effective, and, of course, less painful. In the past, for many obese patients, the only option was to go through bariatric surgery, which meant a high level of risks, complications, and a lengthy recovery time.

However, nowadays, thanks to advancements in the field of obesity medicine, weight loss centers offer modern non-surgical procedures that deliver results without all the unnecessary risks and complications attached to surgeries. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular modern solutions to weight management issues that are offered at one of the best weight loss centers in Florida.

What Advanced Weight Loss Options Are Available in Florida?

Orbera Balloon for Low BMI Patients of Florida

The Orbera balloon procedure is an innovative technique that helps people eat less and lose weight without any incisions or cuts. Lower BMI patients (BMI 27–35) are generally better candidates for the gastric balloon procedure.

Orbera gastric balloon

When the balloon is placed in the stomach, there will be less space left for food. This makes the patient feel full by eating less. When combined with regular physical activity and other wellness program methods, the procedure can yield high results in a short period of time.

On average, people lose around 10% of their weight within the first six months. The results can be even better depending on the patient’s individual efforts and willingness to stick to the weight loss program provided by the specialists.

Effective Non-Surgical Obesity Treatment (ESG)

South Florida’s weight loss center, run by Dr. Simmons, offers a non-surgical endoscopic gastric sleeve procedure. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is a contemporary treatment for weight loss that provides a safe and efficient alternative to bariatric surgeries. With ESG, you will have reduced your stomach by up to 70% without any incisions or removal of any stomach parts.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

The shorter recovery time, no hospitalization, low rate of risks and complications, and high results are all characteristics of this procedure.

Usually, patients lose about 15% of their total weight thanks to ESG, but individual results always vary. Patients who are highly motivated and eager to closely follow the guidelines of medical professionals achieve much better outcomes.

Anti-Obesity Medications Prescribed by Weight Loss Centers In Florida

In the past, people might have only dreamed about taking a pill that could help them lose weight without too much stress and pressure. Nowadays, weight loss medications that help get rid of extra weight are a reality. While these anti-obesity drugs are good weight loss assistants, they cannot replace regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Patients are encouraged to commit to healthy lifestyle changes while taking medicines.

How To Choose The Right Weight Loss Clinic In Florida

Now that we have discussed a variety of state-of-the-art weight loss techniques, you might be wondering which one suits you best and which one will bring you the fastest results. These are essential questions that you should ask an experienced weight loss specialist who has been using these methods for years. Also, beware that weight loss is a team effort that should include your efforts as well as the expertise of the weight loss doctor and the support of other medical professionals.

One Of The Best Weight Loss Clinics In Florida

Dr. Okeefe Simmons is the first physician in the country who has undergone rigorous studies and practiced through fellowship in three fields, including gastroenterology, bariatric endoscopy, and obesity medicine. He has performed over 2,000 endoscopic procedures, like the Orbera balloon and ESG that we talked about previously. Thanks to his rich experience and dedication to obesity medicine, he also wrote multiple research papers that are of high value in the field of weight loss medicine.

Dr. Simmons’s mission is to design a highly effective and safe weight loss program for each individual struggling with being overweight or obese and make their journey as smooth as possible.

To carry out his mission, he gathered a team of super-talented and compassionate healthcare professionals who go above and beyond for each person who comes to them. They tackle the problem with modern weight loss methods that deliver excellent results. So, it would be only fair if we said that Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions is one of the best Florida weight loss centers.

Best Weight Loss Center Of Florida

Dr. Simmons and his team are always supporters of the most advanced methods, such as non-surgical weight loss solutions, that offer the fastest yet safest results for you. These techniques bring the best progress in the first three months after the beginning of the treatment. Thus, within 3 to 6 months, you will already be able to reap the benefits of your efforts.

In conjunction with these innovative techniques, our weight loss center in Florida tailors the program specifically to each patient’s conditions, goals, and preferences so that every individual achieves his or her dreams.

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