Frequently Asked Questions
Are video (virtual) consultations offered?
Yes – call our office if you would like to schedule a telemedicine video visit today to discuss your weight loss options!
In addition to weight loss, are there other health benefits of the weight loss services offered?
Yes – many medications and endoscopic procedures we offer have been shown to improve blood pressure and markers of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and fatty liver disease with weight loss.
Is the Steps Lifestyle Program included with other weight loss services?
There are different lifestyle program packages available, some of which are included in the cost of select weight loss services.
Can I combine a medication with other weight loss services offered?
Yes – Dr. Simmons has clinical training and expertise in both procedural and non-procedural weight loss methods, including combination treatment to achieve the best weight loss results.
Are any weight loss surgeries offered?
No – the only weight loss procedures performed are non-surgical (no incision) endoscopic procedures.

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