12 April, 2023

EndoSleeve For Weight Loss In Miami

If weight loss has been a struggle for you and it feels like you have exhausted all resources, you will want to read this blog post. You are not alone. Many people have tried all the diets; they have tried to exercise more and cut calories but nothing seems to work. They are tired of the constant yo-yo of weight fluctuations.

What is even more frustrating is that many have sought help but discovered that their only option is bariatric surgery. Some will not qualify for surgery and most others will not opt for surgery for one of many reasons. Statistics show that out of all the individuals who meet the criteria for bariatric surgery, 99% of them decide against it. Maybe you are one of them.

Now, there is another option which many have dubbed “the endosleeve,” a casual term used to describe the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). You also may hear this procedure being referred to as the endosleeve gastroplasty.

Today, we are going to talk about this remarkable option for weight loss that does not require surgery and why you might want to consider the endosleeve procedure to help you lose weight and keep it off.

How Does The Endosleeve Compare To Bariatric Surgery?

The Gastric Sleeve

The least invasive type of bariatric surgery, which also happens to be the most popular, is performed laparoscopically and is most often called gastric sleeve surgery.

This surgical procedure was the best option when compared to all the other bariatric surgery choices available because it was performed through 4 or 5 small incisions in the abdomen. It was considered the bariatric surgery with the least amount of associated risks and complications and offered a recovery time of 4 to 6 weeks (shorter than that of open surgery).

The problem is that this procedure is still drastic so most people who really need help turned it down. During the procedure, about 75–80% of the individual’s stomach is cut out and removed. They are left with a stomach that is about one-fourth the size they started with. The raw edges of the stomach are then stapled together to heal. This procedure is permanent so if complications arise, there is no putting the stomach back together.

This surgery also necessitates a two to a three-day hospital stay, followed by a four- to six-week recovery period.

The Endosleeve

This non-surgical endosleeve procedure has been used clinically since 2013 and was approved in the summer of 2022 by the FDA after overwhelming results in clinical trials. The procedure accomplishes the same objective as gastric sleeve surgery: to reduce the stomach size, which enforces portion control.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

The FDA approval was a huge win for anyone suffering from obesity because it is proven to be a safe and effective form of weight loss that does not require surgery. When comparing the endosleeve to surgery, the benefits are numerous.

What Are The Advantages Of The Endosleeve?

1. Comparable Results To Surgical Gastric Sleeve
Without the risks and downtime of actual surgery, this method achieves outcomes that are on par with the gastric sleeve. The stomach is formed into a smaller shape, and internal sutures are used to hold it in place. After the procedure, only about a quarter to a third of the patient’s stomach will be available to use, which will reduce the amount of food they can eat.
2. There Are Not Any Incisions
An endosleeve procedure is done endoscopically and the incisions are made from inside the patient’s stomach. A medical tool called an endoscope is placed through an individual’s mouth and then down their throat to gain access to the stomach. The special suturing tool is then lowered down the hollow portion of the endoscope and used to place the stitches in the desired locations.
3. The Endosleeve Is Not A Surgical Procedure
Since an endosleeve procedure doesn’t require surgery, it can be done as an outpatient procedure and there’s no need to stay in the hospital. Patients are discharged the same day and can go home to comfortably recover.
4. The Time Under Anesthesia Is Shorter Than Bariatric Surgery
The endosleeve generally takes a maximum of 90 minutes to perform, so the patient spends a minimum amount of time under anesthesia.
5. The Stomach Is Not Dissected
The patient’s stomach capacity is decreased by about 70-75% through carefully placed sutures. There are no incisions and no stomach tissue is removed. Although the sutures used are strong enough to make the treatment permanent, the endosleeve procedure can be undone or modified if necessary.
6. Recovery time is 89% shorter
The recovery time is significantly shorter than the 4 to 6 weeks that are necessary for conventional gastric sleeve surgery. The endosleeve’s minimal recovery period of only about a week is one of the best benefits it provides. Many patients report even shorter recovery times.
7. No Incisions & No Scars
Because the procedure is performed endoscopically and the sutures are placed from inside the stomach, there are no visible scars left on the patient’s abdomen.
8. Patients Can Resume Their Normal Routine ASAP
Patients who have undergone an endosleeve procedure are generally not limited in their daily activities. Although patients should avoid any excessively strenuous activity for around two weeks (including heavy lifting), doctors advise patients to resume their regular schedules as soon as they feel able.
9. Offers Significant Weight Loss Potential
Most patients who undergo the non-surgical endosleeve lose between 60 and 65 percent of their excess body weight and can maintain their weight loss long term.
10. Very Low Risk Procedure
The risk of complications or long-term side effects after endosleeve surgery is only 2%, which is much lower than the risk of complications or long-term side effects after traditional gastric sleeve surgery, which is 12%.

Good Candidates For The Endosleeve Procedure

The endosleeve is a procedure used to treat obesity and may be an option for people who are not candidates for traditional bariatric surgery. The basic requirements for the endosleeve are as follows:

  • Patients who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater and who have not been successful at losing weight through more conventional means;
  • Individuals who are dedicated and willing to participate in a supervised program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise;
  • Individuals who are in overall good health;
  • Patients who will commit to attending all needed medical appointments and will willingly participate in ongoing support sessions, which may include guidance regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, behavioral therapy, etc.

You May Not Be A Good Candidate For The Endosleeve Procedure If

  • You have a chronic medical condition that would inhibit your ability to safely undergo the procedure;
  • You currently have or have had a large hiatal hernia;
  • You experience bleeding of a gastrointestinal nature (stomach ulcers);
  • You have had previous bariatric surgery or other forms of stomach surgery;
  • You are pregnant or nursing.

What Are Patients Saying About The Endosleeve Procedure?

Social media is flooded with self-help advice, information on the latest and greatest diets and exercise routines, etc. You name it, and you can find it on the internet! One of the best things about having access to all this data is that you can find real people who have already experienced something that you are considering. With a quick internet search, you can find endosleeve reviews from real patients who have undergone the procedure. Here is what some are saying:

Female – Height 5’4” | Starting Weight 182 lbs | Current Weight 139.7 lbs
I recently had the endosleeve procedure, and I am loving the results! About 10 years ago, I had gastric sleeve surgery, but I gained back almost half of the weight I lost. The endosleeve restored my stomach’s smaller size and I only felt uncomfortable for about 2 days. I never needed any pain medication. I would highly recommend this procedure! It’s only been five weeks and I am already down 20 pounds. I work in the medical field and I would caution against getting a gastric bypass because in my job, I see many people who have had them who have gained all their weight back or who have had chronic, severe side effects. The endosleeve is a great alternative!
Male | Height 6’7” | Starting Weight 336 lbs | Current Weight 307 lbs
If you are considering the endosleeve, I would fully recommend it. I flew to the doctor’s location because I was not local and I stayed in a hotel for a few days. I was only gone from my hotel for three hours the day of the procedure. I had some discomfort from gas for a few days and felt a bit nauseous, but not very bad. The first few days I felt a bit hungry, but I do not feel hungry now, although if I smell food, it makes me want to eat. I had my endosleeve done on a Monday, flew home on Wednesday, and had a business trip scheduled for Friday.
Female | Height 5’8” | Starting Weight 256 lbs | Current Weight 235 lbs
I had the endosleeve 25 days ago, and I am already down 21 pounds. The procedure only took about 90 minutes, and I had minimal pain for just a day or so. I was told that I might have had a scratchy throat for a few days because the procedure is done using an endoscope but I did not. I was perfectly fine right away. I was back to work three days after my endosleeve. I have been amazed at how just eating a little bit makes me feel full and I am not hungry all the time. It is fantastic. All I used to think about was food but not anymore and my grocery bill is so much better too.

The endosleeve offers numerous benefits over undergoing a surgical procedure and is an amazing addition to the weight loss options available today.

Get Started On Your Journey To Better Health Today!

If you have been looking for help getting your health back on track through weight loss, look no further and contact Simmons Advanced Weight Loss Solutions today for the endosleeve in Miami. We can help you reach your weight loss goals and even more importantly, we can help you maintain your weight loss.

Our team of experts will provide unprecedented support to help you change unhealthy behaviors into new, healthier lifestyle habits that will promote weight loss and improve your quality of life.

Whether you are in the Miami area or out of town, we would love to share information about the different non-surgical weight loss options we offer and help you find the one that would best suit you and your circumstances. Reach out to us and set up an appointment to begin your journey to better health today!

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