1 April, 2023

What Is The Best Weight Loss Program For Both Women And Men?

It is obvious that men and women are different in many ways but are these differences relevant when choosing the best weight loss program? If you ask any woman who has gone on a diet with a male counterpart about her experience, she will more than likely express her frustration over their differences in weight loss and with the overall process. Men seem to lose weight faster and easier while women struggle for every pound, even under the same set of circumstances. Today, we’ll look at some of the differences in how men and women lose weight, as well as how to choose the best weight loss program for women vs men.

What Science Tells Us About Gender-Specific Weight Loss

The results of a study published in The Journal of Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism highlighted some of the differences between the two genders in regards to weight loss. 2,000 adults who were overweight and showing signs of prediabetes were used for this eight-week study. They all followed the same 800-calorie, very restrictive diet for the duration of the study.

At the conclusion of the study, about 13 of the participants were no longer pre-diabetic and the men lost an average of 26 pounds while the women lost an average of around 22 pounds. The men also showed marked improvements in other areas as well, such as a reduced heart rate, lower body fat percentages and a decreased risk of other health conditions. Women did take the lead in the number of inches that were shaved off their hips.

The very restrictive calorie intake affected women in some slightly adverse ways, including the following:

  • Lowered their HDL cholesterol (this is the good cholesterol that helps lower the risk of heart disease);
  • Slight reduction in lean muscle mass;
  • Slight reduction in bone mineral density.

The findings of the study highlight these facts:

  1. Because men are by nature more muscular, they naturally have a faster metabolism than women. Also, most men normally consume more calories in a day than women, so the 800-calorie limit of the diet used in the study created a larger calorie deficit for the men, so they naturally lost more weight than the women overall;
  2. Men also tend to possess more visceral fat that collects around their midsection. This type of fat is known as “bad fat” because it can collect around the organs and cause health issues. When a man loses weight, it often reduces this type of fat, which in turn improves his metabolic functions. Women tend to carry more subcutaneous fat and when this type of fat is reduced, it has no effect on metabolic functions.

Historically, male and female approaches to fitness were different. Women wanted to be thin, so they were considered more attractive socially and culturally and they were not really tuned in to the health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. Men, on the other hand, wanted to build muscle and many took supplements to try to make their muscles bigger and see the results faster.

As we have become more educated, the focus has shifted to increased health consciousness as the underlying motivation behind maintaining a healthy weight. This increased knowledge has also evened out the playing field a bit in the way the genders approach weight loss. There is not necessarily a best weight loss program for men vs. women; however, each gender can now benefit from the use of slightly different strategies they may otherwise have ignored.

Elements Of A Safe And Effective Weight Loss Plan

If you are looking for the best weight loss program and do a Google search, chances are the results will be vast and diverse. In fact, an expert from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine worked on a study that aimed to find weight loss programs advertised on the internet that contained elements that are widely recognized by doctors as following medical weight loss guidelines and essential to a safe and successful program. Out of the 200 they found in the three-state radius of their search, only 9% of them measured up.

Unfortunately, things have only become more confusing for individuals who are looking for help with their weight and obesity-related issues. How can you separate self-promoting, one-sided sales pitches from solid programs that offer science and evidence-based results? Here are some key elements to look for when performing your due diligence.

The Dietary Plan
Most individuals who are obese do not eat a healthy diet. Working with a certified dietician can assist them in distinguishing between foods that will keep them full for the longest period of time and foods that will provide empty calories. They will also learn how to adequately proportion their food to avoid overeating and how to listen to their bodies’ cues. The dietician can also help them with strategies for food preparation that fit into their lifestyle.
The Message And Guidelines Surrounding Physical Fitness
If a weight loss program claims that you can lose weight and never have to exercise, this is about as real as oceanfront property in Arizona. Daily physical activity is critical to a healthy lifestyle and to maintaining a healthy weight. Granted, exercise does not mean you have to jog or do crunches and squats every day but staying healthy will require you to get some form of exercise. A trained professional can help you find activities that you enjoy and that also provide the level of physical activity you need.
The Level Of Support Available
Research has proven that patients who receive a high level of support lose a larger percentage of their body weight and have more success maintaining their weight loss. A great support system may include ongoing dietary planning, exercise guidance, nutritional education, emotional support, and more.

Having a system for moral support is great but it goes beyond that. Comprehensive support grants access to a team of experts that teach you the “whys” and “hows” of doing things differently. This causes major shifts in our thinking, which translates into breaking unhealthy behaviors and converting them to healthy lifestyle habits. Knowing why we need to eat a healthier diet and then having the knowledge of what that looks like and how to incorporate that into our everyday lives is the difference between “giving a person a fish” and “teaching them how to fish.”

Strategies For Behavior Modification
It is one thing to “know” something and another to put what you know into practice. Many times, we are taught concepts and principals, but the teacher is never able to provide us with the tools we need to apply these to our lives. A great weight loss program will equip patients with real-life strategies they can put into practice when they become relevant. These can keep them on track with their weight-loss program and help them reach and maintain their weight-loss goal.
Safe and FDA-Approved Supplemental Help
Avoid programs that try to sell you supplements or medications that are not approved by the FDA. Some of these products can be dangerous, especially for individuals who have other underlying health conditions. The FDA website has a list of weight-loss products that are known to be unhealthy.

Part Of The Best Weight Loss Program Is You!

Finding the best weight loss program may take a bit of time but it will be well worth it in the end. Regardless of the particular program you choose, your success will hinge on you and your participation level.

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to make permanent adjustments to your diet, how much physical activity you get, and your overall lifestyle. Changes in behavior are crucial and may have the biggest influence on your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Where Is The Best Weight Loss Program In Miami?

When you work with an expert board-certified doctor who is trained in obesity management like Dr. Okeefe Simmons, you will learn strategies for forming new healthy lifestyle habits that won’t make you miserable but will enhance your quality of life and your health.

Whether you are local to the Miami area or out of town, Dr Simmons and his team are accessible to you. Many of the patients we see do not live in our beautiful city but they are able to take advantage of our best in class weight loss solutions.

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