Bariatric Surgery Revision Miami, FL

Many patients who have weight loss surgery maintain significant weight loss. However, some patients regain the weight they lost after surgery despite healthy eating and regular exercise. Weight regain after bariatric surgery can be caused by multiple factors that interfere with the long-term effectiveness of the surgery. For these patients, we offer a non-surgical revision procedure to achieve additional weight loss after gastric bypass or surgical sleeve gastrectomy.


Endoscopic revision of bariatric surgery describes non-surgical procedures that address changes in the stomach or the connection between the stomach and intestine that can gradually occur after bariatric surgery leading to weight regain. If you have weight regain after gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, you may be a candidate for an endoscopic revision procedure. Our office offers a complete endoscopic revision program with incisionless procedures that have proven results. Similar to other endoscopic weight loss procedures, you are able to go home the same day and return to normal activities in 1-2 days.

Gastric Bypass Revision

The endoscopic gastric bypass revision, also known as transoral outlet reduction (TORe), aims to correct the gradual widening of the connection between the stomach and small intestine that occurs after gastric bypass. As this connection gets larger, more food can pass through. Endoscopic suturing is used to reduce the width of this connection, and can also be used to reduce the size of the stomach as well if needed. TORe procedure might be confused with gastric bypass revision surgery but in reality, TORe is a non-surgical treatment that is both safe and successful for many patients who are seeking a second chance to take control of their life. According to the study, 87.4% of patients who underwent the procedure were able to avoid weight gain after a year. After 5 years following the TORe procedure, the proportion of people who successfully kept the weight off was 77%. During these five years, on average the study participants lost about 22 lbs to 33 lbs which can be estimated as 9% to 13% of total body weight. The majority of the patients, 62%, successfully reduced their weight by at least 5%. TORe is a sought-after treatment across the US. Those living in the Miami area have a huge advantage because Dr. Simmons is one of the highly experienced doctors doing gastric bypass revision near you in Miami. Get in touch with him to make the most of this life-changing procedure.
Gastric bypass revision

Gastric Sleeve Revision

Gastric sleeve revision
The gastric sleeve revision aims to correct the gradual widening of the stomach pouch which may occur after bariatric surgery. As the stomach size increases, you require more food to feel full leading to a progressive increase in caloric intake and weight regain. Endoscopic suturing is used to reduce the size of the stomach.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but the second time we should be more careful and learn from our mistakes. After regaining weight people might think of going for another bariatric surgery, but it might be not the best choice for everyone. Given the variety of factors that caused the weight regain and the high risk of complications following the second bariatric surgery, it is recommended to consult with medical professionals to determine the best option for each individual. If you are considering gastric sleeve revision in Florida, consult with Dr. Okeefe Simmons, one of the best weight loss doctors in the state.

Similar to any other sphere of human life, people who had sleeve gastrectomy surgery might fail the first time and seek a second chance to successfully reach their goal. The endoscopic revision of sleeve gastrectomy is a safe and effective choice for those who want to try again, but do not want to or cannot undergo the surgery for the second time due to various reasons. Simmons MD Advanced Weight loss Solutions, one of the leading weight loss clinics in the country, offers non-surgical gastric sleeve revision in Miami.

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