5 May, 2024

How To Lose 80 Pounds

When you think about an 80-pound weight loss, it sounds impossibly daunting, but you may be surprised at how doable it is when you have help.

If you are like most people, you may have struggled with your weight your entire life and maybe have even tried super restrictive diets, skipped meals, or even stopped eating foods from an entire food group. Fad diets and weight loss advice have been available since, well, forever, but they are super accessible these days because of the internet. However, most individuals who turn to those resources for answers rarely get ones that work.

Most diets are too restrictive, and no one can follow them for any length of time. If you suddenly reduce your normally large calorie intake per day to a much smaller number, it can leave you with some awful symptoms, such as serious fatigue and painful headaches, and it can just make you feel out of sorts. Your body does not help you either and tries to tell you that you will soon starve to death; your brain gets fuzzy; you feel deprived and cranky; and you quit trying. For those of you who have tried and failed at dieting, does this sound about right?

Today, we are going to talk about how someone would achieve an 80-pound weight loss, and you can do it too.

What Can Motivate An 80 Pound Weight Loss?

Everyone is different, so it is not surprising that each of us is motivated in different ways. Some individuals are motivated visually, and others by necessity.

Visual Motivation

One woman who experienced an 80-pound weight loss was motivated by seeing herself in a bathing suit. She became so distraught that she made the decision right then to make some serious changes in her life so she could lose weight and become healthier. She kept her large-size bathing suit to look at when she needed a source of motivation to persevere through challenging times.

Motivated By Necessity

Sue found herself seriously overweight after having four children. She gained weight with each pregnancy, and over the following years, she continued to gain weight until she found herself with mobility issues. She was unable to walk up or down any type of stairs and was unable to even play with her children. She discovered she needed both of her knees replaced, but her insurance company would not approve the surgery until she lost a substantial amount of weight. The kicker in all this is that no one in her circle of providers would offer her any type of help with weight loss.

Sue, realizing she was on her own, decided that she was living a very restricted life and was no longer going to settle for this, so she started making changes to her eating habits. She was successful in losing about 30 pounds by herself by watching her calorie intake, eating smaller portions, and skipping her usual late-night snacking. Then she reached a weight loss plateau, and what was working before stopped working, and she was stuck. Once again, she reached out to her general providers to ask them for help, and they simply told her to keep doing what she was doing. (Yeah, that was super helpful!) Since both her knees were in bad shape, she was not even able to exercise to help burn more calories.

Then she learned about prescription weight loss injections and found a doctor who was trained in obesity medicine to help her. She began administering weekly injections under the doctor’s supervision, and the weight loss started again. She said the injections helped her so much because they stopped all the “food chatter” that she had always had to fight against, and she didn’t feel hungry all the time. She discovered that eating healthier foods made her feel better and gave her a lot more energy, and she started dropping clothing sizes. She lost 80 pounds in 8 months with the help of medication and a knowledgeable doctor who understood the disease of obesity and the challenges she was facing.

Sue has had both of her knees replaced and is now able to walk up and down stairs and do things with her kids that she was never able to participate in before. She is feeling significantly more healthy and has more self-confidence than ever. She will tell you that the extra help from the medication and the support she received were the main contributors to her success. Finding your motivation is a key part of your success when undertaking an 80-pound weight loss.

Tips For Achieving An 80 Pound Weight Loss

  1. Write down the reason why you want to reach a certain weight loss goal, be as detailed as possible, and post it somewhere you will see it every day. This will help motivate you when you hit those challenging times;
  2. Do not go on a diet; instead, make changes to your lifestyle. These changes will become habits and lead to weight loss and better health. Some of the changes you might need to make are:
    • Do not buy junk food or processed food;
    • Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry;
    • Cook at home as much as you can, and curtail your dining out.;
    • Watch your liquid calories. Sodas and alcohol are full of calories and do not offer any nutritional benefits;
    • Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can increase the hunger hormones in your body, causing cravings and overeating;
    • Drink enough water. Sometimes your body mistakes hunger for thirst, so making sure you are properly hydrated can prevent this scenario as well as help you stay satisfied between meals.;
    • Increase the amount of physical activity you engage in every day. Take the stairs rather than ride the elevator; park further away from a building’s entrance so you need to walk a bit farther; walk down the driveway to get the mail and sprint back up; have dance parties with your kids while dinner is cooking; be creative;
    • Don’t watch television while you are eating. Instead, focus on your eating without other distractions. Often, we have no idea how much or how fast we are eating, so we end up eating too much;
    • Pay attention to your portions and the number of calories they represent.
  3. Engage in strength training (free weights) at least a few times a week. Your body burns calories even when you are still, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. You want to lose weight from fat and not sacrifice muscle mass;
  4. Find an accountability buddy. Maybe a friend who also wants to lose weight so you can cheer each other on and help each other get through challenging times.

Men vs. Women In The Weight Loss Game

We are often asked if there are different strategies that need to be taken to achieve an 80-pound weight loss for a female vs. an 80-pound weight loss for a male. The answer is yes and no. The same strategies apply regardless of gender, but it is important to understand that both metabolism and body composition differ between men and women, so their weight loss will look different.

A study that was conducted in the UK tracked both men and women who were put on the same programs for weight loss. After two months, the men were leading the women in weight loss by double, and they had lost triple the amount of body fat. At the six-month mark, the men and women had achieved about the same progress in pounds and body fat loss.

Men lose weight faster because they have more muscle mass and higher testosterone levels. Women have higher estrogen levels and more natural body fat, which gives them a bit of a disadvantage when in a weight loss race. Things eventually even out, and the weight loss strategies listed above work for both men and women.

Is There Medical Help For Weight Loss That Does Not Involve Surgery?

Yes, there are endoscopic procedures that can help you accomplish an 80-pound weight loss. These procedures are typically done under mild sedation, so you are not exposed to the risks of general anesthesia. Endoscopic weight loss procedures provide significant weight loss benefits with very little risk.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

Intragastric balloons like the Orbera take up room in your stomach, so you continuously feel full and can only consume small portions during meals. The balloon is lowered down your esophagus in a deflated state with the help of an endoscope (a special flexible hollow medical tool that has an attached camera). Then, the balloon is filled with a sterile solution of saline until it is about the size of a grapefruit. The balloon remains in the stomach for approximately 6 months, while the patient fully participates in the rest of the comprehensive program, which consists of education, guidance, and support to make permanent lifestyle changes that promote weight loss and improve their health.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) is another non-surgical endoscopic procedure that can help an individual lose a substantial amount of weight. This procedure involves changing the shape and size of the patient’s stomach, and then placing sutures in targeted locations to hold the new shape in place. The entire procedure is done from inside the patient’s stomach and no incisions are made. Once the ESG procedure is complete, the patient’s stomach is around 25% of its original size, which aids in portion control. The smaller stomach also takes longer to empty, so the individual feels satisfied for a longer period of time.

80-pound Weight Loss Before And After

The weight loss potential for either of these procedures is not a set number and will depend largely on how many lifestyle changes the patient implements and how well they adhere to them. Also, most patients experience significant weight loss within six months to a year, but again, the patient has some control over how rapidly they lose weight. Following are a few before and after pictures of real patients who lost weight with the Orbera weight loss balloon.

Mary lost 92 lbs with the orbera gastric balloon

Jamie lost 80 lbs with the orbera gastric balloon

Are You Ready To Get The Help You Need?

If you are interested in an 80-pound weight loss and becoming a healthier person, the knowledgeable team at Simmons MD Advanced Weight Loss Solutions is here to help. We will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your needs and with your specific circumstances in mind.

Most people are not sure which weight loss strategies will be most effective for them, and they do not understand the way their bodies will respond. Dr. Simmons is an expert in his field and understands the complex characteristics of obesity. He will create your plan and provide guidance to ensure you reach your weight loss goals. Set up a consultation today to learn more about losing weight without surgery and how we can help you improve your health through weight loss.

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